Cambridge Lectures in Neurosurgical Anatomy

Cambridge Lectures in Neurosurgical Anatomy

Location: Emmanual College, Cambridge

Next dates: 7th-8th July 2018

Topic: Paediatric Neurosurgery


Excellent knowledge of three-dimensional surgical anatomy is fundamental for safe operating. This is especially true for neurosurgery where the surgical access routes are narrow, the brain and surrounding structures cannot be moved, and the consequences of a mistake are disastrous. The surgeon just must know what is behind the corner.

The process of understanding of surgical anatomy is a never complete. Neurosurgeons acquire most of their experience by observing and conducting operations. Cadaveric dissections are an excellent supplement. However, they are very expensive and not widely available.

In 2005 a weekend gathering of enthusiasts of anatomically-based established in Cambridge. As it consists of discussions and lectures, mostly based on three-dimensional (3D) projections of anatomical dissection of and intra-operative situations, it was named Cambridge Lectures in Neurosurgical Anatomy. It is aimed at neurosurgical trainees and qualified neurosurgeons, but medical students with interest in neurosciences have found it educational and inspirational. The continuation of the Lectures for over 10 years speaks for itself.