Scales & Grades

NICE Guidelines

  • Metastatic spinal cord compression


  • Balloon kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures
  • Direct C1 lateral mass screw for cervical spine stabilisation
  • Endoscopic laser foraminoplasty
  • Interspinous distraction procedures for lumbar spinal stenosis causing neurogenic claudication
  • Percutaneous endoscopic laser cervical discectomy
  • Percutaneous endoscopic laser thoracic discectomy
  • Percutaneous intradiscal electrothermal therapy for low back pain
  • Percutaneous intradiscal laser ablation in the lumbar spine
  • Percutaneous intradiscal radiofrequency thermocoagulation for lower back pain
  • Percutaneous vertebroplasty
  • Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement in the cervical spine
  • Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement in the lumbar spine
  • Therapeutic endoscopic division of epidural adhesions
  • Transaxial interbody lumbosacral fusion