Annual In Training Exam

Feedback from May 2018

The ebrain formative mock neurosurgery examination will be open in May 2021 (dates TBC) .  It is the same structure as before and is now in its fifth year.  The previous year’s versions are all available if you want to use them.  Whist this is not mandatory, it is usually completed by almost all trainees in the country as it is a really good opportunity to test your knowledge against peers elsewhere in UK.

As before it is strictly formative, only you will know what your score is and it is free to all members of the SBNS.  You do need to submit a question – some people will doubtless recognise the question they submitted last year.  Full details can be found here.

Please do forward this email to others in your unit who might not be on the BNTA mailing list.  In the past some units have sat everybody down on the Friday afternoon to do this, then gone for a jolly afterwards – it works pretty well that way!


Simon Thomson

Ebrain clinical lead’