Applying for the Exam

Applying for the Exam

The exams occur twice per year. Section 1 is in January or July, and Section 2 is March or October. To find out when the next exam will be held, see the examinations calendar. Upcoming dates are:


Location Exam Date Application Date
Section 2 Aberdeen 11-12/10/18 05/07/18
Section 1 N/A 08/01/19 04/10/18
Section 2 London 28-29/03/19 03/01/19
Section 1 N/A 04/07/19 18/04/19
Section 2 Nottingham 10-11/10/19 04/07/19

For NTNs, you cannot apply before you have had a successful outcome at ARCP at ST6. Therefore, if you applied for the exam straight after a successful ST6 ARCP, you could do the exam in ST7 Jan/March (apply by October); ST7 July/Oct (apply by April); or ST8 Jan/March (apply by October).

You have a maximum of 7 years to complete the examination process. Section 1 has to be completed within 2 years of the first attempt, with a maximum of 4 attempts. Section 2 again has a maximum of 4 attempts.

To apply, you need:

  • 3 references that have gone through your operative logbook. They fill in a structured form, so make sure you get them to do that well before the application date.
  • CV
  • Logbook
  • Section 1 costs £536 and Section 2 £1313. You have to pay the whole £1849 at the start. If you fail, you pay again to take the section you’ve failed. This is a standard amount for all the FRCS exams.

For full details of applications, including rules, regulations, and current fees, see: