Codman Neurosurgical Awards

Codman Neurosurgical Awards

2020 BNTA-Codman Awards
Ciaran Hill, North Thames
Hugh Sims-Williams, Sheffield/Hull
William Singleton, South West
Rasheed Zakaria, North West (Mersey)
Laurence Glancz, East Midlands
2019 BNTA-Codman Awards
Matthew Kirkman Toronto Western Hospital Neuro-Oncology
Pratipal Kalsi Seoul Endoscopic Spine
Kenny Yu Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York Neuro-Oncology
Michael Hart University of British Columbia, Vancouver Functional
Vashisht Sekar University of Colorado Neuro-Oncology

2021 Applications Now Open

Once again, the BNTA have secured funding from Codman (Integra) to support education and training in Neurosurgery in the UK. The BNTA Committee will apportion 5 x £1,000 prospective, competitive awards to junior UK neurosurgeons who are undertaking Fellowship Programs, either post-CCT or in-training.

The BNTA-Codman Award is open to all BNTA members undertaking recognised Fellowship Programs with a CCT (who do not yet have a Consultant post), or to those with a valid National Training Number undertaking a Fellowship within their training years; those undertaking out of programme periods for clinical experience (OOPE) are eligible for this award. Priority will be given to first-time applicants to the fund and to those who can demonstrate evidence of financial hardship. It is expected that other sources of funding will have been sought. Applicants should not be solely reliant on funding from this award as delays/changes in the total award value may occur that are beyond the BNTA’s control.

All applications will be anonymised and impartially assessed by a panel of senior Consultant Neurosurgeons. In previous years, applications from individuals undertaking an international fellowship program have been scored higher. However, given expected difficulties with foreign travel, this will not be the case this year. The decision of the awarding committee is final in all matters. The decisions will be announced prior to the Autumn SBNS Conference in Dundee. Successful applicants will receive their award by postal cheque or bank transfer

A condition of the award is that successful applicants write a 1,000 word report for publication on the BNTA website,, within a month of completion of the awarded Fellowship period

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 09th August 2021. Applications can beemailed to the BNTA Treasurer at

Application Form