Fellowships Database

It would be useful for people coming through the training programme to know which post-CCT Fellowships exist in the UK, and which recognised Fellowships exist abroad, in order for them to help plan their career paths. We are hoping to be able to put together a database to this end. But we need your help….

Please could each unit send a list of Post-CCT Fellowships available in their unit. Also if you have done, or are currently doing, a post-CCT Fellowship in the UK or abroad, please could you send me the details of it, with a copy of the job description if you still have it!

Please complete the fields below. If you are reporting multiple fellowships just copy and paste the fields below as many times as necessary on your reply.  I am happy for more than one person from the same unit to send me the details. I would rather get the same information in duplicate than not at all so don’t just expect somebody else will send it!

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Mr Jonathan Ellenbogen FRCS(Neuro.Surg)

Neurosurgical Functional Fellow, King’s College Hospital

BNTA Post CCT/Fellowships Representative

Info Requested
please email to:  jellenbogen@doctors.org.uk
Title/Speciality of Post CCT Fellowship:
Name of person in post:
Email Address:
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Please attach a copy of the job description if you have it