Ultrasound in Neurosurgery

Ultrasound in Neurousurgery Training Course

Dates: 21st-22nd February 2019

Location: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Neuro-navigation is now standard armamentarium in every-day use but has the limitation of relying on pre-operative imaging and thus not providing real time imaging. Interpretation of ultrasound is difficult and has limited its use in neurosurgery. With refinement of image quality, the ability to fuse with CT/MRI navigation and improvement in understanding the interpretation of images makes the use of ultrasound a very important tool.

This hands-on course aims to provide a comprehensive overview and training in the use of ultrasound in all aspects of neurosurgery, ranging from cranial to spinal cases, as well it’s use in diagnostics (LP, TCD) and therapeutic procedures for pain (e.g. cervical nerve root block) .