eBrain online Webinars

Given the global covid-19 crisis and the subsequent loss of regional and local teaching across the country, the team at ebrain will be co-ordinating a series of online webinars in an aim to offset these losses. We will be aiming to have at least 2 sessions per week depending on the availability of teachers. They will be held on the Zoom platform which you will need to download prior, all of the sessions will be recorded and password protected.

The timetable for these is as below:

Last updated 08/01/20 13:00

DateTimeSpeakerTopicZoom Code
31/308:00Mr A GolashCase of the week
2/418:00Mr M HughesSkull base
7/418:30Mr S SinhaPituitary836-651-3496
9/411:00Mr S SinhaPituitary836-651-3496
9/419:30Mr S CudlipPituitary836-651-3496
14/419:30Ms. G McKennaOncology836-651-3496
15/411:30Mr. K TsangQuiz836-651-3496
16/418:00Mr A AlaladeCerebrovascular836-651-3496
28/418:00Mr H MarcusAnterior skull base836-651-3496
30/418:00Mr G JamesPaeds836-651-3496
5/519:00Mr L ThorneOncology836-651-3496
7/5Mr A AlaladeCerebrovascular
12/518:00Mr D Thompson836-651-3496