Getting Started

  1. If possible, start the application process well in advance of when you want to start flexible training (ideally at least >4 months).
  2. Involve your educational supervisor and TPD as their support will be important.
  3. Be as clear as you can about what you hope to achieve or why you wish to undertake time out of programme or flexible training. This will help both you and your department throughout the process.  
  4. Keep an open mind and keep key payers updated if you find you want to alter your parameters e.g. change duration of period our of programme or focus. Most often you can make changes if you need or want to (e.g. change percentage you work if LTFT, change duration of maternity or paternity leave). 
  5. Make a robust plan supporting your return to work. E.g. phased return and/or supervised return to work and on calls; making use of keeping in touch days. Don’t be reticent in approaching your department/TPD with ideas of how the transition can be managed or how where you feel you would benefit from support. 
  6. Consider approaching your BNTA rep/union/college/deanery for useful advice/timescale and general guidance