Cervical Myelopathy

1. Nurick’s classification system for myelopathy    on the basis of gait abnormalities

Grade Root signs Cord involvement Gait Employment
0 Yes No Normal Possible
I Yes Yes Normal Possible
II Yes Yes Mild abnormality Possible
III Yes Yes Severe abnormality Impossible
IV Yes Yes Only with assistance Impossible

Reference: Nurick S. The pathogenesis of spinal cord disorder associated with cervical spondylosis. Brain 1972; 95: 87-100

2. Ranawat Classification of Neurologic Deficit

Class I Pain, no neurologic deficit
Class II Subjective weakness, hyperreflexia, dyssthesias
Class III Objective weakness, long tract signs
Class IIIA Class III, ambulatory
Class IIIB Class III, nonambulatory

Reference: Ranawat CS, O’Leary P, Pellicci P, et al. Cervical fusion in rheumatoid arthritis. J Bone Joint Surg Am 1979; 61: 1003-1010