Members of the BNTA are elected by the national neurosurgical trainee body.

The term of Mathew Stovell’s position as the BNTA EANS representative is coming to an end. Matt has been an enthusiastic supporter of the work done by the EANS and has made a very strong case for BNTA members attending the EANS training courses.
The BNTA would like to thank Matt for all the work he has put in.

The BNTA will be taking nominations for the position of BNTA EANS representative in the next fortnight. The deadline for submission of a nomination is Sunday the 26th of November at 18.00. 

The responsibilities of the EANS rep include elaborating on the merits of the EANS training course, and advising BNTA members on the application process. Potential nominees must be members of the EANS and be enrolled onto the course (current).

If you are interested in getting involved then please email me a copy of your manifesto on a single A4 page including a picture of yourself by the above deadline to ashanoncall@gmail.com.

Once we have nominated candidates the elections will run over a fortnight.