SR Travelling Club


This is an organisation which enables final year registrars both pre and post CCT and those coming to the end of their training, to meet up and travel around the country to various neurosurgical units who will be opening up consultant posts in the near future.

The advantages of this club is so that you can meet the neurosurgical department, and the existing consultants in an informal setting, as well as introducing you to the area where you may want to spend the next 35 years of your working life with your family. The meeting will be conducted over 2 nights and will include some educational content such as lectures by the local neurosurgeons on how to survive as a consultant/how to deal with managers/the future of neurosurgery and the NHS etc/ how to ace a consultant interview etc, as well as fun activities eg clay pigeon shooting, quad bike racing etc.

The meetings will be funded by drug reps, but a deposit will be required to secure your place.

Usual schedule of events:

Thursday evening: Meet up for dinner and drinks with local consultants

Thursday and Friday night: Hotel stay (you can bring partners/spouses)

Friday morning: Lectures – topics (see above), tour of department and lunch with local consultants.

Friday afternoon: Activity

Friday evening: Dinner and entertainments

Saturday morning: Last lectures and depart.

Current committee chair and treasurer:

Samantha Hettige (London), Harith Akram (London)