Advanced Brain Tumour Surgery

Advanced Brain Tumour Surgery

* 10% discount for all UK trainees. This applies to all SHO’s, registrars, FY, ST, fellows etc regardless if they are in training posts or not. Contact for the code.*


Location: London, UK

Next dates: 12th – 15th July 2018



We are delighted to invite you to a unique annual event of brain tumour surgery, in London, England, 12-15 July 2018, with some of the world’s best oncological neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists.

The course features an unprecedented 10 live surgeries streamed to London from:
  1. Mitch Berger, USA – Awake craniotomy for glioma
  2. Michael Lawton, USA – Awake craniotomy for resection of an AVM
  3. Theodore Schwartz, USA – Endoscopic pituitary surgery
  4. Ossama Al Mefty USA – Resection of a petroclival meningioma
  5. Rick Boop, USA – Resection of a paediatric posterior fossa tumour
  6. George Jallo, USA – Resection of a paediatric spinal cord tumour
  7. Helmut Bertalanffy, Germany – Resection of a brain stem lesion
  8. Lorenzo Bello, Italy – Awake resection of a glioma
  9. Atul, Goel, India – Resection of skull base meningioma
  10. Jinsong Wu, China – Awake resection of a glioma in intraoperative MRI
In addition, the Course features Master’s seminars from over 20 Neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists, including Roger Stupp and Michael Weller, President of the EORTC; hands-on workshops; and debates and discussions.