John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

  • Skull Base and Neurovascular Surgery

This is a comprehensive skull base and neurovascular fellowship with training in the pre, intra and post-operative aspects of the subspeciality. The fellow will attend sub-speciality clinics, MDTs and theatre lists with at least 2-3 lists a week with skull base and neurovascular cases. Complex approaches are routinely performed including orbital approaches, clinoidectomies, middle fossa (Kawase), infratemporal fossa, far lateral, pre-sigmoid (translabyrinthine, transtententorial) and combined petrosectomies. The close working with allied subspecialities provide broad exposure to a range of complex cases including meningiomas, vestibular schwannomas, orbital tumours, sinonasal malignancies, chordomas, chondrosarcomas and the facility to learn advanced reconstructive strategies. The neurovascular component provides training in all aspects of neurovascular surgery including cavernomas, aneurysms, AVMs, spinal and cranial dural fistulas and EC-IC bypass techniques

Contact: Sanjeeva Jeyaretna