British Skull Base Society Meeting

British Skull Base Society Meeting

Dates: 23th-24th January 2020

Abstract Submission: 8th December 2019

Location: London


The British Skull Base Society (BSBS) is the multidisciplinary, multi-

professional body whose membership is the clinical specialists
responsible for the treatment of patients in the UK with skull base
tumours and other disorders of the skull base.
We are delighted to invite you to the annual British Skull Base
Society Meeting in London.
The theme of the London BSBS will be chordoma and chondrosarcoma
with presentations from visiting speakers Dr Shaan Raza, Professor
of Neurosurgery from MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Professor
Diego Mazzatenta, Professor of Neurosurgery from Bologna. Both
have considerable clinical and research experience in these diseases.
In addition we are privileged to have an inspirational talk from Sir
David Calvert-Smith QC, retired Director of Public Prosecutions and
High Court Judge.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to London